1 Question for every Dallas Mavericks player as countdown to NBA Playoffs begins

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10. Dwight Powell

Will Dwight Powell ever be a rotation piece for the Dallas Mavericks again?

Over the offseason, Dallas Mavericks fans were split on who they thought would start at center. Dwight Powell was the starter last season, but Dallas' additions of Richuan Holmes and Dereck Lively II on draft night made fans wonder who the starter would be.

Lively II quickly proved that he was the best option to start at center, and Powell started the season as the second center in the rotation, but things changed in a big way for him when Dallas traded for Daniel Gafford at the trade deadline.

Powell had been in Dallas' rotation since they traded for him nearly 10 years ago, and now he is the third center in the rotation and hardly ever plays. That is a huge change for someone who is used to playing every night, but he seems to have remained positive through it all.

While Powell playing or not isn't a big deal for this season, it is something to think about moving forward. Considering that Powell is under contract for multiple more seasons along with Gafford and Lively II, his role may permanently be a veteran presence on the bench barring any injuries.

This isn't a bad role for Powell, especially with his decline in on-court production, and they'll need his good vibes as the playoffs approach.