3 prospects the Dallas Mavericks should consider with pick 10 in the 2023 NBA Draft

Dallas Mavericks, Jordan Hawkins, 2023 NBA Draft
Dallas Mavericks, Jordan Hawkins, 2023 NBA Draft / Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Dereck Lively II, C, Duke

It's no secret the Mavericks struggled inside this season. Fans have been upset that the front office didn't do anything about possibly their most prominent issue when the trade deadline rolled around. Dereck Lively II may be able to fix some of those issues in the future or right away.

He is a game-changer on the defensive end, and his offensive game is coming along too. He also showed in college that he guards both wings and guards well. His decision-making on screens and when laying drop coverage is good too.

Dwight Powell consistently got bullied inside. While he is the longest-tenured Maverick on the team, plays extremely hard, and everyone loves him, he is often a defensive liability. The same went for Davis Bertans, JaVale McGee, Maxi Kleber, and Christian Wood. Lively II is projected to be a late lottery pick, and if the board is falling their way, maybe Dallas trades back and can still get him.

The Mavericks will have even more options than that. However, this is how I see the board unfolding with who they should take when it is their turn to pick. If they get any of these three guys, I see their 2023 NBA Draft as a success.