2 Pros, 2 cons of Dallas Mavericks targeting Chris Paul in free agency

Dallas Mavericks v Phoenix Suns - Game Seven
Dallas Mavericks v Phoenix Suns - Game Seven / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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Con #1: Roster fit

For the past two decades, Chris Paul has been one of the best point guards in the league. His playmaking abilities are some of the best this game has ever seen.

In turn, adding him to any roster would give that team a huge boost in the playmaking department. However, the Dallas Mavericks don’t need that.

Luka Doncic is the head of the snake in Dallas. There is no questioning that. The ball is going to be in his hands for a large majority of every game the Mavericks play.

And now, they also have Kyrie Irving on board, who will need plenty of touches. At his core, he’s a point guard, too, but will be playing off the ball a lot in Dallas.

The fit of Doncic and Irving together is already a questionable one, so adding a third ball-dominant point guard to the mix would create a mess at the guard spot in Dallas.

Plus, they wouldn’t be able to all start together, as that would be rough on the defensive side of the ball. That would mean Paul would almost certainly have to come off the bench.

Paul’s playmaking would be great for the Mavericks, but it would form a cluster at the point guard spot and create an unbalanced roster.