Predicting where each Dallas Mavericks' free agent will play in 2023-24

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Markieff Morris, Santi Aldama
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Markieff Morris - Phoenix Suns

After coming to Dallas via the Kyrie Irving trade, Markieff Morris did not play a huge role. The forward will now hit the open market. Though he may not have the most significant market, Morris could be a fine addition to a team looking for some depth. With that in mind, the Phoenix Suns make sense as a suitor for the veteran forward.

More than anything, the Suns need depth this off-season. They needed depth last season, but that need became even more prominent after swinging a trade for Bradley Beal. Now, this team has one of the league's best foursomes in Beal, Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, and Deandre Ayton, but they lack depth everywhere else. They will have minimal avenues to add talent this off-season outside of a few veteran minimum contracts, one of which they could use on Morris.

Morris wouldn't be a game-changing addition by any means, but he could bring some forward depth, toughness, and serviceable outside shooting to the table. He does not need the ball in his hands, so he would complement the other four well. Morris is also not afraid to do the dirty work defensively, which would also be beneficial for the others. Given his minimal role with Dallas, the forward will likely not be looking for a huge deal this off-season, which would give Phoenix even more incentive to bring him in via a team-friendly deal.