5 Potential trade targets from the Lakers' downfall for the Dallas Mavericks

Miami Heat v Los Angeles Lakers
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3. Taurean Prince

Now here's a true 3-and-D player. Lakers forward Taurean Prince is knocking down 2.2 3-pointers per game on 39.2 percent shooting. His defense may not be as good as Cam Reddish's, but he's the far superior offensive player at this point in his career.

Prince is a reliable shooter who's shown more of a willingness to settle for spot-up looks this season than ever before. 86.7 percent of his twos and 93.2 percent of his threes are assisted. He's typically been a spot-up shooter and opportunistic cutter, but he's relying on the three-ball more than ever.

Almost 70 percent of his looks are coming from beyond the arc. His presence in the Los Angeles lineup is almost a necessity at this point. On the other hand, the Lakers seem to be open to improving the roster in any way. And that could mean shipping out Prince.

The Baylor product is a quality addition to any team in the association. His role in Dallas would be almost identical to his role in Los Angeles. Prince would continue to work as a spot-up shooter, settling in the corner, ready to get off an open look.

The 6-foot-6 forward is capable of defending either forward spot, yet another archetype Dallas covets. The Mavericks currently use Derrick Jones Jr. and Grant Williams to defend opposing forwards. Prince's addition to the rotation would increase defensive versatility a step further.

Although 30-plus minutes for Prince may be too much, considering his low usage rate and player efficiency rating, a 15-to-20 minute in Dallas would be better suited for the former Baylor Bear.