5 Potential trade targets from Bulls' turmoil for the Dallas Mavericks

Chicago Bulls v Miami Heat
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1. Andre Drummond

One final player who would fill the Mavs' need and come at a cheaper rate is Andre Drummond. The 6-foot-11 center is one of the top premier rebounders in the league, and there is no question he could solve some of Dallas' rebounding concerns. Drummond has led the NBA in rebounding four times and made multiple all-star appearances.

His production may not be at the same level as before, but that could be attributed to his 15.9 minutes per game. Last month against the Philadelphia 76ers, he scored 15 points and had 23 rebounds in a game in which he played 30 minutes. Against the Atlanta Hawks, Drummond played in 39 minutes and contributed with 24 points and 25 rebounds.

Drummond also excels in other areas of the game. For example. he does a great job boxing out his opponents and fighting for boards down low. Second, Drummond excels in pick-and-roll opportunities from the top of the key. He reads his teammates well and knows when to roll to the basket for the open alley-oop.

Adding Drummond to the Mavs would be a great asset to the team's frontcourt. He would be a valuable backup to Dereck Lively II and an upgrade from other centers on the roster.

So, while it's unclear what the Mavs' solidified plans are at the trade deadline, one thing is for sure. The team has options. Looking at the Bulls' roster, the team may want to give them a call.

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