5 Potential trade targets from Bulls' turmoil for the Dallas Mavericks

Chicago Bulls v Miami Heat
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4. Patrick Williams

Next up on the list is power forward Patrick Williams. The 6-foot-7 starter brings plenty of value and experience.

For his career, Williams has started 81.9 percent of his games. During that time, he has averaged 9.7 points per game and 4.2 rebounds.

One thing that stands out about Williams is his ability to shoot the ball well. This season, he is shooting 45.3 percent from the floor. He has a career shooting average of 45.3 percent. It's clear Williams isn't afraid to shoot the ball. He can post up from the top on the key for a mid-range jumper or knock down his shot from long range.

Williams also shots the ball well from the 3-point line. Over the past three seasons, he knocked down 41 percent of his long-range attempts. Two seasons ago, he was shooting 51.7 percent from behind the arc, but he only played in 17 games.

The forward is also a flashy dunker. He isn't afraid to attack the rim and throw it down with power. His presence could benefit the Mavs, as they could use a player with his strength down low. Plus, his 3-point shot could come in handy.

Williams's game is similar to that of Derrick Jones Jr. He can switch between the small forward and power forward positions.

Taking a chance on Williams might also solve the team's dilemma at the four.