Possible Dallas Mavericks free agent targets from every remaining playoff team

Dallas Mavericks, Austin Reaves
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4. Reggie Jackson

One veteran point guard that the Mavericks could sign to lead their bench unit is Reggie Jackson.

Jackson averaged 10.2 points, 3.4 assists, and 0.7 steals per game this season and started 38 games for the Clippers before getting traded to the Nuggets. He would be a valuable piece for Dallas to bring in, and they could likely sign him on a team-friendly deal as he is in the back half of his career.

He would be the second string point guard in Dallas and would likely benefit from not having to play starter minutes. Jackson had a rough final stretch in Los Angeles and didn't play much better in Denver, but he could get back to playing at a high level if given a change of scenery and having a smaller offensive load.

He is a selfless passer and would allow Luka Doncic to take over while he is the secondary ball handler. Jackson can lead units well and brings solid intensity on both sides of the floor.

This isn't a move that is necessary for Dallas, but it would be an underrated signing if they can get him on a short contract that allows him to prove he is still a valuable NBA player. Dallas could play him 20 minutes per game and let him run the bench unit while being a veteran voice in the locker room.