Possible Dallas Mavericks free agent targets from every remaining playoff team

Dallas Mavericks, Austin Reaves
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7. Grant Williams

Grant Williams is a restricted free agent this summer and could be leaving Boston for the first time in his career.

Williams was reportedly offered a four-year extension worth over $50 million before the season started, but he didn't accept it. 

Since the beginning of the season, the 6'6 wing's minutes have steadily decreased. He was playing over 29 per night in November and was a big reason why the Celtics went 14-2 in that month. He finished the season playing just 21.9 minutes per game in March and 17.8 minutes in April. Williams only played 36 total minutes in the Celtics' first-round series against the Hawks.

Williams could leave Boston and join a team that would utilize him more such as the Mavericks. He would likely be the starting wing and bring the defensive versatility that Dallas desperately needs.

He brings effort and has the strength to guard power forwards or even centers. We've seen the Celtics use him to try to slow down Joel Embiid this playoffs. Williams also competes and has good hands.

Just like Jalen McDaniels, Williams can switch on to any position. That is a skill that few NBA players have but Williams does it effectively.

He would fit Dallas' scheme perfectly, but his price could be out of the Mavericks' range. Grant Williams is reportedly seeking around $20 million per year, and Dallas does not have the cap space to pay him that much.