4 Dallas Mavericks players who need more minutes, 3 who need less over final stretch

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1. Needs more minutes: Olivier-Maxence Prosper

The Dallas Mavericks drafted Olivier-Maxence Prosper with the No. 24 overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft, and it was a move that seemingly every Mavs fan loved. The Mavs had needed a wing with size for a long time, and Prosper was expected to have a big role early on.

Prosper struggled in the preseason, and he didn't have a role to start the year. He still doesn't have much of a role at this point in the season, but that should change. Prosper is coming off an amazing performance for the Texas Legends of the G League on Tuesday night as he finished with 26 points while shooting 4-5 from downtown, but he needs to display some of this efficiency and control at the NBA level.

Prosper lacks control when playing at the NBA level, and his 3-point jumper has not been great either. He plays with great energy, rebounding, and defense, but he has to be at least some of a threat at the NBA level. Prosper has had some good games for the Mavs like he did against the Houston Rockets, but he hasn't been able to have consistent minutes.

Prosper shouldn't play heavy minutes, but incorporating him slowly into the rotation could be beneficial for the Mavs heading into the playoffs. If Prosper can prove that he can be a great defender and somewhat of a reliable shooter, there could be a spot for him in the rotation.

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