4 Dallas Mavericks players who need more minutes, 3 who need less over final stretch

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The Dallas Mavericks have been hot since the trade deadline, as they have won five of the seven games that Daniel Gafford and P.J. Washington have played in with their most recent win coming against the Toronto Raptors.

Washington and Gafford have given the Mavs a massive boost on the boards and on defense, and Dallas is looking like a team that can contend to potentially win the NBA Finals this season. They have fixed their issue of being undersized, and the team is getting healthy at the perfect time.

While the Mavs' final rotation for the playoff push isn't finalized yet, there are some players who may need to be playing more, and some who need to be playing less.

4 Dallas Mavericks players who need more minutes, 3 who need less over final stretch

Dallas still needs to figure out the precise roles that they want from Gafford and Washington, and they seem to become more acclimated to playing for the Mavs every game.

Here are four Mavericks players who need more minutes during the final stretch of the season and four players who need fewer minutes.

7. Needs more minutes: Dereck Lively II

Dallas Mavericks rookie big man Dereck Lively II has become a crucial piece within the rotation this season, and he has quickly become a favorite lob target for Luka Doncic.

Lively II is an excellent rim protector and rebounder, and his energy is contagious. Despite all of this, Lively II hasn't been playing as much since returning from his broken nose. Lively II is averaging 17.5 minutes per game in February after playing 27.4 minutes per game in January.

A lot of this is due to matchups, but he must remain a key piece of the Mavs' rotation. Dallas is at their best when Lively II is flying across the floor, blocking shots, and catching lobs, and it's clear that he needs to be playing a bit more.

He moves his feet well enough to switch on the perimeter, and his length and athleticism allow him to recover when he gets beat.