6 Dallas Mavericks players who need monster second halves to save their jobs

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2. Dante Exum

When the Dallas Mavericks signed Dante Exum over the summer, it was a move that many fans wondered the reasoning behind. The Mavs already had plenty of guards and Exum had been out of the NBA for multiple seasons.

It didn't seem likely that Exum would be a key piece for the Mavs this season, but that quickly changed. Exum has started in almost half of the games he has played for Dallas this season and is having the best season of his career. He is averaging 9.2 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.8 assists per game this season, but his health has been a major concern.

He has missed over 20 games this season, and his health will be crucial for the Mavs down the stretch. Exum has been someone who they have leaned heavily on, as he is averaging 19.7 minutes per game, but if he can't stay healthy down the stretch, he may be someone who loses their role next year, or Dallas could decide to move him.

His salary is not fully guaranteed next season, and the play of Jaden Hardy could lead Dallas to increase his role even more.

Exum's main thing is staying healthy, and his play has been great when he is on the floor. Him missing games has been the biggest concern, and if he can't prove that he is reliable, the Mavs may have a tough decision to make about him this summer.