4 Mavericks players whose stock has plummeted this preseason

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2. Mike Miles Jr.

Despite being waived by the Dallas Mavericks last week, Mike Miles Jr. deserves a spot on this list.

Hopes were high for Miles Jr. since draft night, as the young guard was signed to a two-way contract within hours of the draft ending. Miles Jr. was raised in Dallas and played at TCU. The Mavs seemed like the perfect destination for him.

He wouldn't have to move, and this would be a great place for him to grow and focus in his game.

Despite the seemingly perfect fit, Dallas moved on from Miles Jr. without giving him much of a chance. Miles Jr. didn't play in any of Dallas' first three preseason games, and Dallas waived him to create room for one more two-way spot.

It is unknown why Dallas waived Miles Jr. at this time, but it could be assumed that it is because Dallas already has so many guards. The guard room is incredibly packed, and Miles Jr. likely wouldn't have gotten much playing time at all if they held on to him.

With the signing of Taze Moore (and later waiving), it seems as if Dallas is focussing on giving the final two two-way spots to a wing. Greg Brown III and Dexter Dennis are all both in contention for this spot, and there have been rumors that Dallas is already planning on signing Dennis.

Regardless of what happens with the final two-way spot, it seemed strange to give Miles Jr. a two-way contract right after the draft just to not play him during the preseason.