5 Dallas Mavericks players that will shock fans during training camp

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1. Josh Green

Josh Green enters his fourth year as an NBA player with plenty to prove.

Last season with the Dallas Mavericks, Green proved a lot but not enough. He would become an intricate starter for the Mavericks down the stretch but after injuries and a controversial decision to yank his starting role, Green wouldn't be the same.

However, Green now enters a role that is much different than his role last season with the Mavericks. Green has the most to prove entering his fourth year, as this is potentially a make-or-break year for his NBA career. Green could also potentially be the key to this year's success. Without Green, the Mavericks could severely be hampered by a lack of defensive guard depth.

Green will need to work on consistency and his offensive game.

At times last year, Mavs fans saw a potential future All-NBA defensive player, and then at times, fans would see a disappointing shadow of himself.

For Green, it will be crucial to find consistency on both ends. However, Green has the highest opportunity to start of any player on this list. Green's defensive capabilities, paired with his offensive potential are just too good to not be looked at and considered for a starting role.

Green will need to prove a lot, but his fit shouldn't be questioned. As we are now just days removed from the start of Mavericks training camp on September 25, it's safe to say the Mavericks have a lot of question marks. For updates on Mavericks training camp stay plugged in.