6 Dallas Mavericks players who could potentially be traded this week

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5. Dwight Powell

Dwight Powell is someone who I could see ending up being a Dallas Maverick for life, but he is technically eligible to be traded starting this week. Powell re-signed with Dallas on a three-year deal this offseason and reportedly took a massive pay cut to do so.

The Houston Rockets were going to offer him a bigger contract, but Powell elected to remain in the city that he has called home since 2014.

Despite Powell being someone that Mavs fans love to hate on, he isn't an awful backup big man and brings great energy off the bench. Even when he doesn't play in the game, Powell brings positive vibes and is a great leader on and off the floor.

All of that being said, I still think that Powell could be traded if the right offer presents itself. I don't think that Dallas will actively shop Powell, but if a team needs a backup big man, I don't think Dallas will refrain from throwing him into the trade to get the deal done.

It seemed that Powell passed Richaun Holmes in the rotation last week, but now Powell is playing more than Holmes. Regardless, trading either big man wouldn't be a massive loss for Dallas. Powell is a great rim roller and hustler, but Dallas doesn't need another rim roller. They need a backup rim protector.