5 Obvious, 5 subtle moves Jason Kidd must make to turn Mavs into legit contenders

Washington Wizards v Dallas Mavericks
Washington Wizards v Dallas Mavericks / Sam Hodde/GettyImages
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3. Subtle: Play their style of game and don't switch up

This subtitle may seem confusing, but let me explain.

Sometimes the Dallas Mavericks get too caught up in playing the other team's game, and it can hurt them. For example, it seems they get caught up with playing small ball so much that they under-utilize Daniel Gafford and Dereck Lively II sometimes.

Both of their centers are too good to be riding the bench, and while Maxi Kleber has the ability to play the small-ball five at times, the Mavs should also force the other team to play their game occasionally and go big with Kleber or P.J. Washington at the four with Lively II or Gafford at the five.

Playing small ball occasionally is fine in spurts, but Jason Kidd shouldn't make it their identity. Kidd ended up playing Kleber at the four and Lively II at the five to close the game against the Miami Heat on Thursday, and it worked wonders for them. Lively II played great defense on Bam Adebayo down the stretch, and the Mavs had great size.

The Mavs are good enough to force teams to play to their playstyle, and this team creating their identity down the final stretch is important.

During the losing streak, it seemed like this team had no identity and that must change if they want to be serious contenders.