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Grading Nico Harrison on his first season as Dallas Mavericks GM

Dallas Mavericks, Nico Harrison
Dallas Mavericks, Nico Harrison / Tim Heitman/GettyImages
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Dallas Mavericks, Nico Harrison
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Grading Dallas Mavericks GM Nico Harrison in year 1: Leadership

The Mavs unconventionally hired head coach Jason Kidd and Nico Harrison at the same time. Usually, the team selects someone to lead their front office and the new employee chooses the head coach. The order had fans worried, but Harrison and Kidd have done a superb job leading the Mavericks in year one.

They added key pieces last offseason, but the biggest move was getting Luka Doncic to sign an extension. The Mavericks had five years to prove to the 23-year-old superstar they could build a title contender around him, and they reached the conference finals just nine months later.

Harrison and Kidd have both preached chemistry, accountability, and trust. Communication has been high on the Mavericks' list. They are always talking things out, and never afraid to speak to the media about what they are doing and thinking. Kidd even allowed the media to watch parts of practices.

Leadership grade for Nico Harrison in Year 1 as Dallas Mavericks GM: A+

Harrison has been a fantastic leader in his first year on the job, and he has raised expectations for Year 2. Can the team keep that same chemistry after plugging a few holes in their roster? Will Harrison and the Mavericks avoid the drama, and continue building on their first year? So far, Harrison deserves top marks for his leadership.