11 Dallas Mavericks that never played a single minute

Dallas Mavericks fans might not know these players were actually with the franchise.
Dallas Mavericks, Trae Young
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7. Dana Barros

Barros was the 16th overall pick in 1989. The 5’11 point guard was a reserve for his first four years in the NBA before being traded to the 76ers where he broke out. He became an All-Star and won the Most Improved Player award in 1995 after averaging 20.6 points, 7.5 assists, 3.3 rebounds, and 1.8 steals in 40.5 minutes per game. Barros joined the Celtics in free agency following his breakout and spent five years in Boston before his next move.

The Dallas Mavericks acquired the 5’11 guard in the first four-team trade in NBA history. They gave up Robert Pack, Hot Rod Williams, and Bruno Sundov to get Howard Eisley, Bill Curley, and Barros. It was a massive deal, but Dallas was not done.

They traded Barros and Ansu Sesay to the Pistons for Loy Vaught just two months later. The 5’11 point guard was already 33 years old and settled in as a 15-minute per-game backup by that point in his career. The Mavs had Steve Nash and Eisley, which left no minutes for Barros, so they moved him to Detroit.

The former All-Star played two more years in the NBA before retiring in 2002. Dana Barros made a brief comeback in 2004, but it lasted just two games. He played for four different teams, but never with the Mavericks, despite being on their roster for just over two months.