11 Dallas Mavericks that never played a single minute

Dallas Mavericks fans might not know these players were actually with the franchise.
Dallas Mavericks, Trae Young
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8. Robert Traylor

The Dallas Mavericks did not technically draft Dirk Nowitzki in 1998. They had the sixth overall pick and jumped at the chance to trade back knowing Dirty would still be available. The Bucks gave up nine and 19 to move up and select Traylor.

The big man listed at 6’8 and 284 pounds and was known for his physical play in college. Milwaukee thought he could become a dominant force in the NBA, but it never happened. He played seven years for four different teams, but only averaged 4.8 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 0.7 blocks in 14.3 minutes per game for his career.

Tractor Traylor struggled and a heart issue ended his career in 2005. The big man died of a heart attack in 2011 at just 34 years old. Traylor played overseas after leaving the NBA and was the 2010 Defensive Player of the Year in the Puerto Rican league.

The Dallas Mavericks picked up Dirk Nowitzki and Pat Garrity in the trade for Robert Traylor. Garrity was then flipped for Steve Nash as the Mavs added two future Hall of Famers and MVPs on the same night in 1998. It was a historic night for the franchise, but it kept Mavericks fans from seeing what Traylor could do in Dallas.