11 Dallas Mavericks that never played a single minute

Dallas Mavericks fans might not know these players were actually with the franchise.
Dallas Mavericks, Trae Young
Dallas Mavericks, Trae Young / Mike Stobe/GettyImages
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1. Trae Young

The Mavericks and Hawks pulled the rare draft night swap where both players turn into stars in 2018. Dallas had the third-worst record in the NBA but fell to fifth in the draft lottery with Atlanta and Sacramento jumping into the top three. The Mavs had their eye on Luka Doncic but knew he would not be available at five. They had to find a way to move up to get the reigning EuroLeague MVP.

The Hawks gave Dallas that shot, but it was not without paying a hefty price. They were forced to give up their 2019 first-round pick to move up two spots. The Mavericks did it and never looked back. Doncic quickly became a superstar and is annually one of the best players in the NBA.

The Dallas Mavericks drafted Trae Young in 2018 because trades are not finalized until after draft night. Atlanta took Luka and selected Cam Reddish with the Mavs first-round pick in 2019. It was a wild trade that will forever link the two All-Stars. Luka Doncic and Ice Trae will always be compared, but both are on paces to become legends.

Trae Young has not played a second for the Dallas Mavericks, but the best is still yet to come for the two-time All-Star. He is only 24 years old and still improving. Does he eventually come to Dallas? Stay tuned to find out.