NBA Sixth Man of the Year Power Rankings: Major shakeup rocks this week's rankings

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Clippers
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2. Immanuel Quickley

Last week's rank: 1

The New York Knicks guard drops one spot in this week's rankings. His play slightly dipped this past week, but it's more about the ascent of the top player than anything.

On the season, Immanuel Quickley averages 15.4 points, 3.1 rebounds, and 2.8 assists per game. He's averaging more points per game than ever, but his percentages have taken a bit of a toll. He's shooting lower from the floor and three than a season ago.

Over the past week, Quickley has had two good games mixed in with two poor games. To kick the week off, the New York guard scored 18, then 23 points. But throughout his next two games, he scored a combined 15 points in two wins.

Despite consecutive poor outings from Quickley, the Knicks still came away victorious. His value is still immense to the team, but the Knicks can maintain without an on-night from their best bench player.

Nonetheless, Quickley's on-off splits are quite the spectacle. As a team, New York is better across almost every statistic when Quickley is on the floor. The Knicks offense is far superior with the former Wildcat on the court, but for whatever reason, stats such as rebounding percentage also increase when Quickley is on the floor.

Even more endearing in Quickley's case, the Knicks' opponents are considerably worse when the New York guard is on the floor. While his counting stats might not be the most glamorous, his impact is difficult to ignore.