NBA Rookie Power Rankings: Where does Mavericks rookie Dereck Lively II land?

Charlotte Hornets v Dallas Mavericks
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5. Brandon Miller

Averaging around 13 points per game, Miller has only just begun to truly tap into his potential. Entering the NBA, Miller shocked many when he was selected No 2. overall by the Charlotte Hornets. It will be important that Miller continues to develop and get comfortable in the NBA, but with his play over the last two weeks, it's clear to see the potential is legit which is why he lands at the five spot.

6.Jordan Hawkins

Hawkins could arguably be higher on this list as he is one of two rookies to score 30 plus points, but for now, he will land at No. 6. The former NCAA National Champion has shined in his minutes with the Pelicans playing a huge role off the bench. Hawkins could be a dark horse pick for Rookie of The Year if he continues to produce the way he has.

7. Marcus Sasser

Yet another Piston player joins the top 10 with Marcus Sasser. The Dallas native has only just begun to get valuable minutes for the pistons, and he has shined in every single one of them. Expect Sasser to rise in rookie power rankings as the season prevails.

8. Scoot Henderson

Scoot Henderson would have been the No. 1 overall pick if it weren't for Victor Wembanyama. Even after being the third overall pick, it's clear that Scoot will need some time to develop. He has struggled to understand the offensive flow of the NBA, but expect to see Scoot get better as the games fly by.

9. Cason Wallace

The Dallas native has proven to be a huge contributor to a solid Thunder squad. His defense has become the biggest standout, Wallace won't have any eye-popping stats but the young guard will do the dirty work which is why he lands at the No. 9 spot.

10. Julian Strawther

Strawther has surprised many with his play on the court, many didn't even expect he would have a role with the defending champion Denver Nuggets. But with some recent solid performances off the bench, Strawther has proven to have a solid role in Denver. Strawther won't ever be the leading scorer or contributor in a game but he will contribute hugely to a winning Denver squad.

It's way too early to predict who will win Rookie of The Year, but as we get deeper into the regular season we can start to notice trends. The Dallas Mavericks will take on the Toronto Raptors for their first home and home game of the season. For more updates on the Mavericks season, stay plugged in.