NBA Rookie Power Rankings: Where does Mavericks rookie Dereck Lively II land?

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3. Ausar Thompson

Ausar Thompson has had a massive impact in his limited time in the league. The former fifth overall pick has already emerged as one of the Detroit Pistons' best forwards in just a few games.

Thompson has had his impacts felt on both ends of the floor as he has contributed almost two blocks and two steals per game. Entering the NBA, Thompson was a stand-out athlete and was regarded as the best defender of his class, and he has proven this exact narrative to be true.

Offensively, Thompson has emerged as one of the Pistons' best ball movers. With four assists per game, Thompson could emerge as the lead ball handler in such a young offensive system. The young forward has also contributed on the glass as well. Averaging almost a double-double in points and rebounds, it's hard not to like what Thompson gives you when on the floor.

During Thompson's draft process, it was clear he would need to develop an outside shot to truly hone in on offense. Fans have yet to see the young forward develop a decent-looking shot just a few weeks into the NBA season, he would even embarrassingly airball four three-point attempts in a single half.

Thompson has surprised many with his play and has well surpassed his twin brother Amen. It will be important that Thompson develop an outside shot, but just a few weeks into the regular season it's clear he deserves his spot at number three.