NBA Rookie Power Rankings: Chet Holmgren falls, new name enters top five

Memphis Grizzlies v Dallas Mavericks
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3. Jaime Jaquez Jr.

Last week's rank: 5

Jaime Jaquez Jr. has absolutely taken the NBA world by storm, which is why he's at three this week.

Jaquez Jr. has become one of the few rookies to make a big impact on the team he is currently on. Jaquez Jr. has become the perfect Miami Heat player and continues to rise within the rotation.

To begin the season, Jaquez Jr. struggled to even see the floor on a regular basis. He has not only become a valuable piece off the bench but also one of the Heats' most valuable players in general.

In the last 10 games that Jaquez Jr. has played in, he has shot almost 50 percent from deep. Jaquez Jr. isn't generally known as an elite 3-point shooter, but with this new profound skill, he has unlocked many different looks for the Heat offense.

He and Jimmy Butler have become a dynamic 1-2 punch when on the floor together. Butler has always done a nice job of finding open teammates, and Jaquez Jr. has learned the art of off-ball cutting early for a rookie.

The bulk of Jaquez Jr's. offense comes by off-ball cuts, which makes him a prime target for back-door lobs.

Defensively, Jaquez Jr. isn't a stat padder. He does all the little things right, like diving for loose balls and cutting off passing lanes.

Jaquez Jr. still has a lot to learn, but for a rookie to be this good is very rare. He has skyrocketed his name into the top three in just three weeks.