NBA Rookie Power Rankings: What changes after Chet Holmgren dominates Spurs?

Oklahoma City Thunder  v San Antonio Spurs
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1. Victor Wembanyama

Last week's rank: 1

Victor Wembanyama has now upped his rookie average to 20 points per game, which is a large reason he will continue to sit at the No. 1 spot in this week's rankings.

Since the turn of the New Year, Wembanyama has dominated in every game he has played in. The rookie phenom has averaged just under 25 points in 2024 and shows no signs of slowing down. Additionally, he has averaged over three blocks per contest in January.

For the Spurs, this play from Wembanyama has contributed to wins. When Wemby plays, the Spurs are 3-7 in their last ten games. These may not be eye-popping stats for fans of other teams, but for a San Antonio squad that has struggled to rack up wins, this is important.

San Antonio has positioned themselves for a great draft pick in next year's draft, but it's still important they build momentum with Wembanyama. Both his teammates and coaching staff have finally bought into what he can do on the floor, and that's a large reason they have stayed competitive in the last few weeks.

For Wembanyama, it will be important he can continue to build on what he has already done. The 19-year-old has already set multiple records as a rookie that will likely not be broken any time soon. San Antonio's next game will be played against the Portland Trail Blazers, where they will look to build off of their recent momentum.

Wembanyama could even end up making the NBA All-Star Game.

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