NBA Rookie Power Rankings: Ausar Thompson plummets, new name joins top five

Dallas Mavericks v Phoenix Suns
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4. Brandon Miller

Last week's rank: 4

Brandon Miller once again finds himself in the fourth spot in the week's Rookie Power Rankings.

Not much has changed for the Hornets' forward. He continues to score the ball at an elite rate and has become a vital piece for the Hornets moving forward.

Unfortunately, Miller missed multiple games after getting his ankle stepped on in a loss to the Nuggets. Despite this bad news, Miller bounced back last night with a 17-point game against the Lakers. Miller has continued to shoot well from behind the arc, and last night, he proved why he is a lethal shooter.

Miller being back from injury is good news for the Hornets, but it hasn't mattered as they have now lost nine in a row. With Charlotte skidding down the season, it's hard to see Miller rise on this list.

However, Miller has shown that he can be a generational star. Using his length and athleticism, he has looked like the second coming of Kevin Durant. He can easily elevate above defenders and make highly contested shots look easy in the process.

Miller still needs to prove a lot on the defense end, but his offensive bag should never be in question. The Hornets currently post one of the league's worst defensive ratings. Things will need to change if they expect to win more games. Maybe Miller can be that answer.