NBA Rookie Power Rankings: Ausar Thompson drops, who will take his spot?

Memphis Grizzlies v Dallas Mavericks
Memphis Grizzlies v Dallas Mavericks / Tim Heitman/GettyImages
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The Dallas Mavericks opened up the weekend with a 108-94 crushing defeat to the Memphis Grizzlies.

From tip-off, it seemed like the Mavericks were missing some extra juice, which was true. Superstar Luka Doncic was announced out before the game for personal reasons. It would later be announced that Doncic would become a father of a baby girl later that day.

Additionally, Tim Hardaway Jr. would be announced out for the game as well with lower back spasms. Hardaway Jr. has become a huge contributor off the bench for the Mavericks all season long, and it was clear to see why the Mavericks need him healthy moving forward.

NBA Rookie Power Rankings: Ausar Thompson drops, who will take his spot?

From the first quarter, it was easy to see that the Mavericks just didn't have the manpower to keep up with the Grizzlies. Kyrie Irving did his best, but after a concerning foot injury that occurred at the end of the first quarter, it was clear the Mavericks didn't have what it took to beat the Grizzlies shorthanded.

As shorthanded as the Mavericks were, some guys stepped up into bigger roles. Off the bench, Seth Curry had a nice contribution of 12 points on efficient shooting. He was one of the few bright spots that got it going from behind the arc. Even Grant Williams finally got it going. He would finish the game with 16 points and eight rebounds.

Josh Green finished with 10 points and five assists. Despite Green's strong offensive showing, he had an even better game on the defensive end. He had a total of three steals in this game and was constantly pestering Grizzlies guards at the top of the key.

Rookie Dereck Lively II had a nice defensive showing against the Grizzles but has failed to become an offensive threat through the last few weeks of play. This lethargic play over the last week may cost him in the Rookie Power Rankings list. Let's take a look at other rookies around the league and where they stand in this week's rankings.

10. Scoot Henderson

Last week's rank: N/A

Scoot is finally back in the top 10 after a multiple-week absence. He's been badling the injury bug to start the season but is working his way into looking like the number three pick, slowly but surely.

9. Bilal Coulibaly

Last week's rank: 7

Coulibaly slips this week largely due to the Wizards' terrible play over the last week. Despite the Wizards' 3-16 start to the season, Coulibaly has been a shining star in their system.

8. Keyonte George

Last week's rank: 10

George will jump two spots in this week's ranking. He has found a strong role over the last week and has filled a starting role recently with the 6-13 Jazz.

7. Dereck Lively II

Last week's rank: 5

Lively II drops two spots in this week's ranking. Despite a weak showing over the last week, Lively II is one of the few rookies contributing to a winning team every night. Could this just be a rookie slump?

6. Brandon Miller

Last week's rank: 6

Miller is one of the few rookies that has gradually risen over the last week. If it wasn't for the breakout of Jaime Jaquez Jr., he would be in the top five. However, Miller is contributing nicely to the Hornets, and they are finally winning a handful of games because of it.