Offseason Report Card: Mavericks get three As, two Cs, and an F for summer moves

The Dallas Mavericks have made a flurry of trades, signings, and offers this summer, but the grades they deserve reveal a less-than-stellar offseason report card.

Dallas Mavericks, NBA Free Agency, NBA Offseason
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Full offseason report card and grade

Overall, it’s been a solid offseason for the Dallas Mavericks, but it’s been far from perfect.

Trade for Grant Williams

Getting Grant Williams for the assets they gave up and at the value they paid him is a complete steal by Dallas, and they should be thrilled with how the entire situation played out.

NBA Draft trades

Grade: A

Not only were the Mavericks able to ditch Davis Bertans’ salary, but they were able to do it while drafting the guy they probably wanted at pick 10 in Dereck Lively. Then, they utilized their new TPE to get a solid rotation piece in Richaun Holmes and draft a defensive specialist in Olivier-Maxence Prosper.

Signing Matisse Thybulle to offer sheet

Grade: A-

Matisse Thybulle is the perfect addition to this Mavericks team, as he would elevate their play on the defensive side of the ball. Unfortunately, it seems as though Portland is going to match the offer.

Re-signing Kyrie Irving

Grade: C+

Again, this is a move the Mavericks had to make, and Kyrie Irving is a great player, but he just comes with a lot of uncertainty.

Signing Dante Exum

Grade: C

This entire grade rests on the shoulders of Dante Exum’s three-point shot. If he can make his threes consistently, the grade improves, but with all the other options that were available, Dallas probably could have done better.

Signing Seth Curry

Grade: F

Bringing in an undersized guy who can’t defend made little sense, despite how lethal he is from behind the arc. Seth Curry is a good player, but he shouldn’t have been who the Mavericks went after, especially so early in free agency.

Overall offseason

Grade: B+

The NBA Draft was great, and in theory, so is Thybulle, but the Mavericks could have done a lot better in free agency this summer. That being said, the Williams trade made up for the lackluster signings.