NBA MVP Power Rankings: Where does Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic rank?

Los Angeles Clippers v Dallas Mavericks
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2. Joel Embiid

The reigning MVP proves time after time why he deserves to win MVP once again. Joel Embiid has looked amazing to begin the season, before and after the James Harden debacle that took the spotlight.

Many fans expected Embiid to take a step back after Harden essentially removed himself from the team. However, Embiid has become that much better. Averaging a double-double with 33 points and 11 and a half boards per game, Embiid looks like a guy proving the naysayers wrong.

However, Embiid hasn't vaulted the Sixers to a 7-1 record by himself. With Tyrese Maxey's breakout season, he has helped Embiid and the Sixers to be in first place in the Eastern Conference. Maxey has filled in nicely for Harden, and many fans would argue he looks better in the process.

Recently, Embiid and the Sixers took down the Boston Celtics in an amazing Eastern Conference clash that will go down in history. Coming out on top of other MVP candidates and proving that the Sixers can be contending only further makes Embiid's case for MVP deeper.

Embiid will look to become one of the rare back-to-back MVP's. If he is to do so, Embiid will undoubtedly become one of the best centers in the history of the NBA.