NBA MVP Power Rankings: Mavericks star Luka Doncic falls, who takes his place?

Dallas Mavericks v Golden State Warriors
Dallas Mavericks v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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2. Nikola Jokic

Last week's rank: 3

One of the highest risers in this week's list belongs to the defending champion, Nikola Jokic, after multiple good games.

Jokic and the Nuggets have continued to win games. After a slippage in early December, the Nuggets have rebounded by winning seven of their last eight. This streak includes a win in the new year against the Charlotte Hornets.

Jokic may not have had the best game by numbers, but his presence lifted the Nuggets over the Hornets in blowout fashion. Often just the presence of Jokic has affected games in a positive manner for the Nuggets, and the game against Charlotte was a great example of this.

Despite not having eye-popping stats in his last two games, Jokic has contributed a lot to winning for his team. Early last week, the Nuggets faced off against the streaky Memphis Grizzlies. Quickly, Jokic and the Nuggets put a stop to Ja's team and blew them out 142-105.

Jokic will need to continue dominating his opponents and play better if expects to rise in next week's rankings.

The Nuggets' next week of games will be interesting as they play the Warriors and the Orlando Magic. As mentioned before, Jokic will need to play well if he expects to rise in next week's rankings.