NBA MVP Power Rankings: Mavs' Luka Doncic climbs the ladder during All-Star weekend

2024 NBA All-Star Game
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2. Luka Doncic

Last rank: 4

Since dropping multiple spots in the last MVP Rankings, Luka Doncic has been torching anything in his path. He's led the Mavericks to six straight wins and one of the brightest futures headed into the final 30 games.

Doncic and the Mavs have been on a rampage over the last two weeks. In the past few weeks, the team has made multiple season-defining trades that have put them on the map. Since Doncic's last MVP rankings, he has looked like a completely different player.

The 24-year-old has benefited from Kyrie Irving returning from injury and two Mavericks trades at the deadline. One trade that has benefited Doncic has been the addition of Daniel Gafford. Gafford has seemingly been another Dereck Lively II when on the floor, just with more veteran knowledge.

The need for a backup center has been readily apparent for the Mavericks for multiple seasons now. Having Lively II back and healthy, as well as Gafford, will only make Doncic's ceiling that much higher. Having two elite lob threats is all that Doncic could dream of.

The Mavericks will need to continue to win games if Doncic wishes to be the No. 1 on this list, but as it stands, he has risen two spots in the last two weeks. The Mavericks will play the Phoenix Suns in a critical tiebreaker game on Thursday.