NBA MVP Power Rankings: Jayson Tatum falls, new name jumps into top five

Oklahoma City Thunder v Dallas Mavericks
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1. Nikola Jokic

Last week's rank: 1

Nothing changes in this week's rankings, as Nikola Jokic will stay at No. 1 spot.

The Denver Nuggets finally got things back on track by winning four of their last five games. Jokic has been no exception, as he has been the team's leader all year long.

Jokic hasn't disappointed all year long and hasn't lost his No. 1 spot once this season. He has put up crazy stat lines in pretty much every game he has played in.

In a game against the Suns, Jokic managed to only score 21 points but gifted 16 assists. He simply chooses when he wants to pass the rock or become an absolute show-stopper on offense. He never fails to give NBA fans a bit of magic every night.

Jokic leads the league in triple-doubles and looks effortless in doing so. Despite the loss to the Kings, Jokic dropped a triple-double and nearly became the third player in NBA history to have a 35-15-15 stat line.

Jokic has been the clear number-one player this season, and there has been no debate. Things could shake up as the season gets older, but Jokic could become a rare three-time MVP winner.

Over the next week, the Nuggets' schedule will get tougher as they have a game against the LA Clippers. Jokic will once again need to have a spectacular week to keep the Nuggets hot streak going.

The Dallas Mavericks will play the Utah Jazz tomorrow night. For more updates on Mavericks basketball, stay plugged in.