Dallas Mavericks NBA Draft Lottery luck: What history says about odds of moving up

Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic
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What does history say about Dallas Mavericks moving up in the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery?

Dallas has had 15 trips to the draft lottery stage in its various forms, and here is a breakdown of what has happened.

Mavericks moved up in NBA Draft Lottery: Never

Mavericks held in NBA Draft Lottery: 9

Mavericks slipped in NBA Draft Lottery: 7

NOTE: Mavs had two lottery shots in 1996 because of a trade with the Celtics.

Yes, the Mavericks are zero for 15 in moving up in the lottery. They had the worst record in the league twice, but Dallas moved down in the lottery both times. The Mavs did select Mark Aguirre first overall in 1981 before the NBA Draft Lottery existed.

The lottery is in place to prevent tanking. The NBA does not want teams losing games on purpose to attempt to get a franchise-altering player in the draft.

The league flattened the odds in 2019, so the teams with the three-worst regular season records each get a 14 percent chance at landing the top pick. Dallas only took part in one of those lotteries with the Lakers jumping from 11th to fourth to push the Mavericks back to tenth.

The Dallas Mavericks' history suggests they won’t move up, and the franchise has a 43.8 percent chance of moving down to 11th and losing their first-round pick to the Knicks. Does that have any impact on what actually happens?