1 Current NBA comparison for every Dallas Mavericks rookie this season

The Dallas Mavericks have a solid group of rookies heading into next year, so let's discuss a current NBA comparison for each one.
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Mike Miles Jr. pro comparison: Terry Rozier, Charlotte Hornets

Mike Miles Jr. excelled as an undersized scoring guard in college at TCU. He averaged 17.9 points as a junior for the Horned Frogs. Miles Jr. always scored efficiently, as he shot 49.7% from the floor and 36.2% from three as a junior.

Miles Jr. has a different build than the majority of NBA guards. He measured at about 6-foot-1 at the combine, with a similar wingspan to his height. He tends to look more like an NFL safety or running back rather than an NBA guard. He's a sturdy 205 pounds.

While dissecting different scouting reports, Payton Pritchard and even Jalen Brunson were common comparisons for Miles Jr. However, the former Horned Frog plays more downhill than Brunson and shoots far less from the perimeter than Pritchard.

Initially, Miles Jr.'s game shows shades of Charlotte Hornets guard Terry Rozier. Both players prefer to get to the rim and are undersized combo guards. However, Rozier makes up for his height with a long wingspan.

Rozier has carved out a sizable NBA role. He has averaged more than 33 minutes per game in each of the past four seasons, something unlikely for Miles Jr. given his undrafted status. Furthermore, while starting for Charlotte, Rozier has averaged 19.7 points per game.

Eventually, a more realistic player comparison was settled on, Aaron Holiday. However, their games aren't all too similar. Holiday is more of a floor general, who prefers to shoot from beyond the arc rather than attack the rim. So a career projection might be on par here, but not a skill comparison.

Thus, back to the initial comparison of Terry Rozier. Miles Jr.'s play style happens to be most like Rozier's. His shooting is up-and-down in the NBA like Miles Jr.'s has been in college.

Although both players handle the ball frequently, they aren't plus passers. Rozier has improved in that area over the past few seasons, but he began his career averaging less than 2.5 assists per game over his first four seasons,

All in all, if Miles Jr. is able to achieve a career like Rozier's that'd be a monumental achievement. Even if Miles Jr. can mirror Holiday's career to this point, that'd be a win.