3 moves that would make the Dallas Mavericks NBA Finals contenders

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The Dallas Mavericks have improved this offseason but haven't made enough moves to be Finals contenders.

They still don't have a starting center, need another defensive-minded wing, and need one more piece for the bench unit. Dallas can't expect to run the center platoon again this season and succeed. They don't have a starting caliber center on their squad, and it could end up hurting them.

Dallas also needs another wing. Trading for Grant Williams was a step in the right direction, but they need another wing with good size that can guard multiple positions.

Three moves that would make the Dallas Mavericks NBA Finals contenders

The Mavericks lack positional size, and adding a big wing would be huge for them.

Another move that Dallas needs to make is signing a versatile defender to come off the bench. Dallas' bench unit will have plenty of offense with Seth Curry and Jaden Hardy, but adding one more defender into that mix would be nice.

The Mavericks tried to land a versatile defender in Matisse Thybullee, but the Trailblazers matched the offer sheet. He would have been the best perimeter defender on the team and provided Dallas with someone that can guard the opposing team's best guard, while Williams could have taken the best frontcourt player.

Here we go through three moves that Dallas can make to return to being Finals contenders. They're not as far off as it may seem, and could be playing for the Larry O'Brien Trophy sooner rather than later.