3 most underrated Dallas Mavericks players on NBA 2K24

Charlotte Hornets v Dallas Mavericks
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1. Tim Hardaway Jr.

Although he is one player that Mavs fans like to hate on and has been in trade rumors all summer, the last player that I feel has an underrated rating is Tim Hardaway Jr. Some of his rankings on different categories don't add up to how he did last season playing as a small forward/shooting guard.

One of the ratings that really shocked me this year was his strength. They have it ranked at 55, which is very low. I felt that he is really strong for his position, and it's evident right when you look at him. He was also barely injured last season, as he played in 71 games.

He also wasn't pushed around much out on the court by his opponents, so the low strength ranking does have me scratching my head a bit.

Another concerning ranking is the rebounding ranking. They have his offensive rebound at 31 and his defensive rebound at 57. When he was out on the court last season, he was bringing in around 3.5 rebounds a game, which is about normal for a shooting guard or wing.

I feel like his offensive consistency stat is a tad high since he does tend to go cold sometimes. They did get his inside scoring stats right because he was a very spotty shooter inside the arc. If they had gotten some of his other stats right, he would have been a bit higher than a 78 (maybe a 79 or possibly an 80).

In conclusion, Hardaway Jr., Hardy, and Powell were underrated on NBA 2K this year. I hope as the season goes along that these three Mavericks really show their true potential, and it causes their 2K ratings to go up. I also hope that Mavericks fans enjoy playing the game this year with this new and revamped roster Mavericks GM Nico Harrison created this offseason.