3 most underrated Dallas Mavericks players on NBA 2K24

Charlotte Hornets v Dallas Mavericks
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2. Jaden Hardy

Another Mavericks player that's underrated in 2K24 is Jaden Hardy. Hardy was one of the biggest surprises on the Mavericks' roster last season after spending the beginning of the season in the G League with the Texas Legends.

He really helped out on the court when the first-string offense needed a break during the game. His speed up and down the court and score in bunches were the reasons why the Mavericks gave him more minutes as the season went along.

The reason why he is so underrated in 2K this season is because of his defensive stats. I feel like they didn't give him the correct stats when it comes to steals, perimeter defense, and pass perception. Although he isn't an elite defender and sometimes gets lost off the ball, he isn't a traffic cone like this game makes him seem.

I feel as if Hardy improved defensively as his rookie year progressed, and this game makes it seem like he is an awful defender.

I don't have a big of an issue on the offensive side of the 2K ratings for Hardy.

They got the three-point rating correct as he does hit a bunch of three-pointers and shot over 40 percent from downtown last season. I remember when he played with the Texas Legends he was hitting a big percentage of those shots and he was a flamethrower on the Mavs down the stretch.

They also got his offensive consistency score right as well. Hardy gets hot often and is hard to stop when he is in his groove.