10 Most surprising Dallas Mavericks stats of the early season

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2. Dwight Powell's effective field goal percentage

Now this is one of those wow stats. As Mavericks fans, we've grown accustomed to watching Dwight Powell make just about every shot he attempts.

A season ago, Powell shot 73.2 percent from the field. And this season, Powell is shooting an even better percentage. He's making an absurd 77.8 percent of his field goals.

Better yet, Powell paces the entire league in effective field goal percentage. As compared to the typical metric for gauging accuracy, field goal percentage, effective field goal percentage adjusts for the fact a 3-point field goal is worth more than a 2-point field goal. Thus, knockdown shooters are typically high on the leaderboard.

With an effective field goal percentage of 80.6, Powell ranks first in the league. If Powell keeps this up, he'll join only two other players who have achieved an effective field goal percentage north of 75 percent over the past 20 years.

And, Powell may keep it up. A season ago, he ranked fourth among qualified players in effective field goal percentage. Despite not shooting, nor making any 3-pointers to potentially increase his effective field goal percentage. His effective field goal percentage is tied entirely to his high conversation rate at or near the rim

To begin the season, Powell is shooting 75 percent from within five feet and 100 percent from five feet and beyond His offensive game has become relegated to putbacks and lobs as he's seen decreased playing time.

No more do we witness Powell launching 3-pointers like he did a half-decade ago in an extended role. Behind starting center, Dereck Lively II, Powell has made the most of his 17.8 minutes per game.