10 Most surprising Dallas Mavericks stats of the early season

Charlotte Hornets v Dallas Mavericks
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6. Luka Doncic's high turnovers per game

As prefaced on the last slide, Luka Doncic's turnovers are a problem. Doncic is averaging the second-highest turnovers per game in his career. Doncic is second in the league in giveaways, only behind the Pistons' Cade Cunningham.

While averaging an abundance of turnovers isn't off-brand for the Dallas superstar, one would expect he might see a dip in turnovers, given Kyrie Irving now occupies the other starting backcourt spot for the Mavericks.

A season ago, after Irving was acquired from the Brooklyn Nets at the trade deadline, he played in 16 games alongside Doncic. In those 16 contests, Doncic averaged only 3.6 turnovers per game. On par with what he averaged a season ago, and comfortably below his career average of 4.0 turnovers per game.

This season, Doncic has recorded more than four turnovers in every game but two. In the games Doncic didn't record more than four turnovers, he either recorded one or none. In November, Doncic is averaging nearly six turnovers per game, which is very concerning.

Despite all the positives Doncic provides for the Mavericks, his giveaways are surely hurting an otherwise low-turnover squad.

Last night, against the Clippers, Doncic only recorded one turnover and it paid dividends. As a team, the Mavericks only accumulated nine total turnovers. There seems to be a direct correlation between Doncic's turnovers and the Mavs' successes.

In Dallas losses, Doncic averages 6.5 turnovers per game. While the sample size is small, it still paints an ominous picture of what's to come if Doncic keeps turning over the rock.