10 Most surprising Dallas Mavericks stats of the early season

Charlotte Hornets v Dallas Mavericks
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7. Mavericks' low turnover percentage

A little foreshadowing here, but Luka Doncic averages 4.4 turnovers per game. He's second in the league in turnovers per game with such a high mark.

However, the Mavs rank in the bottom five in turnover percentage. Besides Doncic, no Maverick averages more than two turnovers per game. Kyrie Irving comes in at second with only 1.8 turnovers per contest despite his 26-percent usage rate.

The Mavericks are one of four teams in the NBA to only have one player averaging more than two turnovers per game. And that one player unfortunately averages more than four turnovers per contest.

If it weren't for Doncic's struggles, the Mavs would likely pace the league in turnover percentage. Dallas only averages 13 giveaways per game. They're tied for the second lowest in the association.

As for turnover percentage, the percentage of a team's or player's possessions that end in a turnover, the Mavs also hold the second-lowest percentage in the league at 12.8 percent.

On a year-to-year basis, it's not surprising to see Dallas rank as one of the least turnover-prone squads. It is amazing to see Dallas retain such a low turnover percentage while increasing their pace of play. (More on that later). Dallas is playing faster, yet turning the ball over less frequently.

While there isn't a direct correlation between fast pace and high turnover percentage, teams that are near the top of the league in average fast break points per game typically rank as middling squads when it comes to turnover percentage.