5 Most likely Dallas Mavericks to be traded away during 2023 offseason

Dallas Mavericks, JaVale McGee, Tim Hardaway Jr.
Dallas Mavericks, JaVale McGee, Tim Hardaway Jr. / Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Davis Bertans

Bertans is the player the Mavericks would most like to trade. He is set to make $17 million next season, despite not being part of the team’s nightly rotation last season. The 6’10 sharpshooter played just 492 total minutes last season and was the team’s fourth-highest-paid player. He is not producing enough to justify his salary.

The Mavs acquired Bertans and Spencer Dinwiddie from the Washington Wizards in exchange for Kristaps Porzingis and one second-round pick. The move helped propel Dallas to the conference finals in 2022 as Dinwiddie played a key role in the team’s success. Bertans plays hard, but his defense makes him unplayable in most situations.

Will the Mavericks trade him this summer? It will be a tough sell because of his $5 million guaranteed for the 2024-25 season. Rebuilding teams could look at it as an expiring deal plus if Dallas is willing to incentivize the trade with draft picks. Their available selections to offer are limited, but it is a consideration.

The Dallas Mavericks will try to package Davis Bertans with the tenth pick in the 2023 NBA Draft in an attempt to improve their roster. Will some opposing team bite? Consider this trade unlikely, but not impossible.