The 5 most encouraging interviews from Dallas Mavericks Media Day

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1. Kyrie Irving's interview

Kyrie Irving has been a focal point of discussion this offseason, and for good reason. He spoke to the media for the first time since last season during his media day availability last Thursday in Dallas.

Irving and Doncic completed their media day availability a little bit earlier than the rest of the squad because of the inevitable flood of questions the two Mavericks superstars command. Doncic is naturally short-spoken as we all know, but Kyrie went trench-deep on a few questions that will leave fans extremely excited for this upcoming season.

Kyrie spoke regarding his excitement to be secure in Dallas after questions were sparked in regard to how the re-signing process went.

"I took my time, a few days before free agency, just to be with my family to gauge how they felt about being in Dallas alongside me, and everybody was excited. Even when I got traded here at midseason, a lot of my family was excited, and they were just looking forward to me having peace of mind on and off the court."

Kyrie Irving

He also seems to really appreciate the efforts the Mavericks’ organization has made to both accommodate and work with him.

"I appreciate that accountability and them giving me my space to grow and figure out myself as I get older and enjoy this prime of mine. I have a different body now, coming into my 30s. I have to take care of it differently than I did in my twenties. I can't just get up and roll out of bed, not stretch or do anything to activate my body or warm up. It's been an adjustment, but I'm having fun and to be able to do it with this veteran group and veteran coaching staff as well. It helps out a lot."

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving looks to be the ultimate teammate in Dallas next year, and he seems to be as ready as ever to win as he approaches his 13th season in the league but wishes it could’ve been with Dallas from the beginning.

"So, being here in this locker room and going through training camp for the first few days, from day one I felt like — I was just telling one of our guys in there I wish I would have got drafted by Dallas initially. Obviously, they weren’t in position in 2011, but just feeling how this organization wraps their arms around the guys, I had some of that feeling and sentiment in other places. But you can just feel that there was a difference here when I started from day one and these guys really wanted me to be here."

Kyrie Irving

Clearly Kyrie isn’t the only Maverick that feels this way about how well Dallas is performing in the player relations department, and it truly is a stark contrast from the Rick Carlisle era.

Kyrie’s ability to use his influence and previous relationships he’s built across the league when recruiting for Dallas will be key in the future, and he referenced as much as well during his media day availability. We can only be happy for how elated he looked during media day in Dallas, and for his sake how happy he seems in general after some of the last few media days Irving had in Brooklyn.

We'll have you covered with updates on Irving and the rest of the team as they look ahead to their first preseason game this coming Thursday against the Minnesota Timberwolves in Abu Dhabi.