The 5 most encouraging interviews from Dallas Mavericks Media Day

2023 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot
2023 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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2. Dereck Lively II's interview

Dereck Lively II is turning the heads of both the front office in Dallas and his fellow teammates. Media Day extracts a lot of different thoughts from many different players, but everyone in Dallas last Friday seemed to find common ground on the fact that the connection between Dereck Lively II and Luka Doncic this upcoming season will be special.

Head coach Jason Kidd even butted in on the chemistry that the pairing has built up in his media availability on Saturday.

"You look at D-Live and the things he's done since August, he's taken a big jump for us here late. Being able to play with Luka in the pickup games, there's some excitement between those two."

Jason Kidd

When asked about how he’s grown in the past 99 days since becoming a Dallas Maverick, Lively II had this to say at his media day press conference.

"Just try to learn everyday. Just try to win each day. Try to make sure no matter if it’s film, no matter if it’s on the court, no matter if it’s in the weight room, just try to improve however you can, just one percent everyday."

Dereck Lively II

It seems like Lively II has really soaked in the tips he’s been able to gather from mentor Tyson Chandler so far and isn’t taking any shortcuts in his developmental track.

The rookie’s energy and excitement could be felt all the way up in the 300’s sections in the AAC (not actually) when he held his media day availability last Friday, and the buzz and energy that Dereck Lively II is bringing will hopefully electrify the hardwood as well when the Mavs first take the court this year.

Lively II has heard the buzz around his fit with Luka Doncic and left fans excited by giving them a glance at what to expect next year when the two take the court together.

"There's been some passes I've caught where I'm like... there's no way the ball should be here."

Dereck Lively II