The 5 most encouraging interviews from Dallas Mavericks Media Day

2023 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot
2023 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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3. Grant Williams' interview

Teammates have already found it hard to not interact with Grant Williams.

Luka Doncic spoke to the media a couple of days before the rest of the roster had a chance to get their two cents in, and he didn’t hold back cracking a joke the first chance he got with Grant Williams.

"I think Grant is a good leader too, he talks a lot. Sometimes too much."

Luka Doncic

It’s great to see camaraderie being built early on, and Grant Williams is clearly one of the Mavericks who knows the importance of team chemistry. He seems to have truly bought into the Mavs’s team culture which is great to see, and didn’t shy away when asked what he has enjoyed about the Mavericks’ organization so far.

"The best part about this organization is everyone is authentically themselves. It’s a very kind of calm, and lax, and chill organization while also being disciplined. And understanding the priority is winning but you can have a good time while doing it. And everyone here really supports one another, and that’s something that’s been really key in my eyes"

Grant Williams

Williams will likely be an immediate plug-and-play into the starting lineup after Jason Kidd essentially guaranteed him a starting spot in a recent radio appearance. His 3-and-D skill set is a huge pillar of consistency for himself and he’ll certainly be bringing that game in and game out. However, he’ll also bring his leadership and light-hearted nature to the team, which seems like it’s already happening, specifically the leadership part of that sentence.

Williams’ is poised to impact the Mavericks’ organization on multiple levels and his vast amount of playoff experience and leadership abilities for such a young player are poised to translate well in Dallas.

And to piggyback on the point about Williams’ bringing his light-hearted nature to the team, look no further than him flexing his muscles after every answer for media day because of a dare Luka Doncic gave him beforehand.