The 5 most encouraging interviews from Dallas Mavericks Media Day

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Dallas Mavericks Media Day featured a variety of player interviews that were extremely insightful into the team’s culture as well as a gauge as to how good the Mavs will be this season.

There were obviously a few semi-alarming quotes here and there, but there were more than enough good quotes that culminated into a media day in Dallas that was much more fun comparable to the Christian Wood debacle that dominated conversation at this time last year.

The 5 most encouraging interviews from Dallas Mavericks Media Day

Dallas has a very short turnaround as they’ve already touched down for their preseason game against the Minnesota Timberwolves this Thursday, so it couldn’t be a better time to re-dive into some of these media day interviews as a preview for what to look forward to when the Mavericks lace it up on Thursday.

Here are the 5 most encouraging interviews from Dallas Mavericks Media Day.

5. Richaun Holmes' interview

Richaun Holmes had a good interview in his first media appearance with Dallas last Friday. Holmes was very upbeat and was asked a lot of questions in regard to being a newcomer in the city.

He responded well to virtually all of them and seems like he is bringing the right mentality when it comes to his pursuit of the Mavs’ starting center position, despite there being room for discussion on who will win the final starting spot. When asked about his role on the team, Holmes responded humbly.

"We kind of solidifying everything right now in training camp, I feel like I’ll have more of a better idea once we kind of wake up Sunday. But whatever the team needs, whatever capacity they need me in, I’ll be ready to go."

Richaun Holmes

Holmes is excited to be in Dallas after a culmination of events caused his role to greatly diminish in Sacramento. He said he’s been seeing lots of fan support from Mavs fans on Twitter (X) dating back to a couple of years ago when Mavs fans were clamoring for the team to sign him during the 2021 offseason.

Despite being a new Maverick, Holmes was very appreciative of what Dirk Nowitzki has brought to the game. As a matter of fact, he even attributed that to being part of the reason he was so excited to come here.

"This has always been a place, an organization that I’ve loved since I was a basketball fan coming up. So I think just to actually be here and see this place, see the Dirk statue outside, it’s truly amazing. A full-circle moment. … I’ve never met [Dirk], but I’m very much looking forward to that."

Richaun Holmes

Holmes seems like he’s going to be a fan favorite in Dallas this upcoming season, but our next player on this list has the potential to very well do the same.