3 Reasons Dallas Mavericks fans should love Mike Miles Jr.

Dallas Mavericks fans should all love rookie Mike Miles Jr., and here are three reasons why.
Dallas Mavericks, Mike Miles Jr., Summer League
Dallas Mavericks, Mike Miles Jr., Summer League / Candice Ward/GettyImages
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2. Continuous improvement in college

Mike Miles Jr. has made an immediate impact everywhere he goes, and this was absolutely the case when he stepped foot on the court at TCU as a freshman.

He started in 21 out of the 25 contests he played in that year and was one of only five freshmen to average more than 13 points, three assists, and three rebounds per game throughout the entire 2020-21 season.

The point guard also played in the U19 FIBA World Cup championship game against France and Victor Wembanyama during the summer ahead of his sophomore season at TCU.

In an interview with U-Sports Group Media on YouTube, Miles Jr. cited finishing through contact as one of his main areas of improvement throughout the 2021 summer. He also talked about the stark difference in pace and spacing at the international level compared to the college game, which helped prepare him for the NBA level.

His work clearly paid dividends, as Miles Jr. became progressively more explosive driving towards the rim and more comfortable getting to his spots in the half-court.

Miles Jr. played extremely well over the next two seasons at TCU, as he led them to two straight second-round appearances in the NCCA tournament after missing the event outright his freshman year.

In his sophomore season, he upped his scoring average to 15.4 points per game and went on to score 17.9 points per game during his junior season in 2022-23.