5 Massive strengths, 5 weaknesses for Mavericks heading into playoffs

Houston Rockets v Dallas Mavericks
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7. Strength: Transition offense and ability to create turnovers

The Mavericks don't have a deficiency of athleticism on this team heading into the playoffs for once, as Nico Harrison has structured this team around Irving and Doncic with lengthy and athletic defenders. This has given the Mavericks the ability to get out in transition fast, especially when you take into consideration how much Irving and Doncic have bought into pushing the tempo offensively for the Mavericks this season.

With only a few games left until the summation of the regular season, the Mavericks rank fifth in the entire NBA in fast-break points at 15.7 per game after finishing dead last in the league in the same statistical category just one season earlier. Irving and Doncic have made a point of emphasis to push the ball ahead off of long misses and turnovers all season, but the likes of Derrick Jones Jr. Josh Green, and Dante Exum have really bought in toward running the floor hard at every opportunity despite their immense defensive workload.

Equally important to the Mavericks success in transition has been their ability to generate turnovers, as the Mavericks are slightly ahead of the middle of the pack this season with 13.8 opponent turnovers per game. However, the Mavericks have been far more handsy recently in terms of getting steals and blocks, as the Mavericks starting lineup shift just 15 games ago has bolstered the Mavericks ability to generate turnovers and subsequent fast-break situations with how lengthy and committed Dallas is across the board on defense.

Irving and Doncic have done a great job at using their basketball IQ to get steals all season as well, so unless teams somehow pick them apart on defense in the playoffs, the Mavericks should project for their ability to generate turnovers as well as their transition offense to both be huge strengths in the playoffs.