How much is Mark Cuban to blame for the Dallas Mavericks struggles?

Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban
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Mark Cuban continues to chase the biggest fish but Dallas Mavericks keep going hungry

The best reason given for not signing Jalen Brunson to the extension when they had the chance was Dallas wanted to keep their options open on the trade market. The Mavs were only trading JB for a superstar, so again, they were chasing a mythical player instead of locking in their second-best player at a below-market value contract. Let that sentence sink in because it was Cuban making the same mistake, but this time, it was like the tenth time he made it.

For the majority of Dirk Nowitzki’s prime, Dallas chased the biggest fish in free agency, and it never worked, not one time. Yet again, when Cuban faced the choice, he decided to chase the superstar. This time it was via trade, but the principal stands.

Fast forward to this season, and Cuban again did this same thing. The moment Kyrie Irving requested a trade out of Brooklyn, the Mavericks were on the other end of the phone. They finally got the superstar. Dallas looked the other way on all the drama and chaos Kyrie created with the Nets. They just wanted to land a superstar next to their current superstar, and even that blew up in their face.

It could get so much worse this summer if Kyrie Irving walks in free agency. Dallas would have effectively given up three draft picks and two starters, including their best defender, for a disastrous two-month rental.

The Dallas Mavericks keep chasing superstar talent, but they end up going hungry every time, including the one time they finally landed one.