A Mavericks fan’s guide to Luka Doncic’s upcoming Slovenia vs. Greece game

Slovenia v Poland: Quarterfinal Round  - FIBA EuroBasket 2022
Slovenia v Poland: Quarterfinal Round - FIBA EuroBasket 2022 / Maja Hitij/GettyImages
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How Luka Doncic's World Cup performance could be a preview for what's to come

Doncic will look to translate his newfound athleticism from his weight loss this summer into World Cup play after the Mavericks missed the NBA playoffs and Play-In entirely last season, allowing him to ramp up his conditioning early.

In a press conference for the Slovenian Basketball Federation, via SportKlub, Doncic accredits his trainer Anze Macek for his body leaning out this offseason.

"I feel better this year. It can also be seen. Anze Macek chased and pushed me well. Praise him."

Luka Doncic

Doncic's improved conditioning and athletic ability could be easily translatable to the court, and given that it is perhaps the best shape we've seen him in since he entered the league, Mavericks fans should be encouraged by the stylistic changes that Luka's offensive and defensive games may see as he could become a benefactor from him getting faster and in better shape.

Mavericks fans should pay a keen eye to how Luka Doncic's ability to drive and beat defenders off the dribble improves, how he could potentially push the ball in transition more, as well as if he takes fewer possessions off on defense during World Cup play if fans hope to get a prelude to how Doncic's lost weight could translate to the NBA regular season.

Questions could arise regarding Doncic potentially losing lower body strength amidst cutting weight, but his regiment seems to have been long and drawn out as photos on social media bode credence to the fact that he looks to still have maintained a good amount of muscle mass.

All of this will be showcased within Slovenia's World Cup preparation games, which will range from now up until August 26, when World Cup tournament play will then kickoff for Slovenia and Luka Doncic as they will face off against Venezuela in the first stage of Group F play in their first game.

How Luka Doncic fares in these games over the next month or so could be very telling to what the Mavericks' ceiling could be next year.

If Doncic comes in looking like an other-worldly version of himself next year because he's in better shape and continues to improve around the margins, Mavericks fans could be in for a fun season, so make sure to keep up with him and Slovenia all summer.