Luka Doncic gifts Mavericks young forward unforgettable present

Dallas Mavericks v Denver Nuggets
Dallas Mavericks v Denver Nuggets / C. Morgan Engel/GettyImages

The Dallas Mavericks are off to a hot start, as they are sitting at 4-1 and in third place in the Western Conference.

Dallas started the season 4-0, but a loss at the hands of the Denver Nuggets puts them at 4-1. This was a rough game for Dallas, but getting out to another winning streak is feasible, and Dallas has the team to do it.

Dallas' next game is tonight, November 5, against the Charlotte Hornets at the American Airlines Center. Charlotte has struggled thus far, and the Mavs need to take care of business at home to remain a top seed in the Western Conference.

Luka Doncic gifts Mavericks young forward unforgettable present

A big part of Dallas' early success has been Luka Doncic's elite play, as he is playing some of the best basketball that we've ever seen from him.

Doncic is averaging 33.8 points, 10.4 rebounds, 9.4 assists, and 1.0 steals per game. He is also shooting 44.6 percent from downtown, a mark much higher than any other year in his career.

While Doncic is making his impact felt on the court, he is also making his impact felt off the court.

Doncic stepped up as a leader on the preseason trip to Abu Dhabi and Madrid as he scheduled multiple players-only dinners, and he also gave a priceless gift to one of the Mavericks' new players.

Dallas signed Greg Brown III to a two-way contract ahead of this season, and Doncic gave him a priceless welcome present recently.

Doncic gifted Brown III a pair of custom Jordan Luka's. They are pink, chrome, and yellow and look fabulous on foot. Brown III seems to like wearing yellow and pink basketball shoes, as he has been spotted in both colors during practices with the Mavs this season, and Doncic blessed him with a custom pair with both colors on them.

Since he's on a two-way contract, Brown III can play in games for both the Texas Legends and the Mavs this season.

The Legends' first game is on November 10 against the Oklahoma City Blue, and this could be the first time for fans to spot him in his custom Luka's in-game.

For all the latest on Greg Brown III, Luka Doncic, and the Dallas Mavericks this season, stay tuned.